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C2E2 2023 Post-Show Report!

Three days, five panels, a 60-foot booth, twelve panelists and creators, and one celebrity guest - C2E2 2023 was the biggest and best Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo yet, and Rextooth Studios brought SciComm the likes of which con-goers had never seen before!
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Howl Hero Image

Natural History Book, “Howl” Prowls Onto Shelves Across America

Rextooth Studios explores the wild world of wolves in their natural history graphic novel Howl. We invite you to learn about North America’s most iconic apex predators like you've never done before.
Smoky Mountain Gift Show

Rextooth Studios Lights a Fire at the Smoky Mountain Gift Show

Visit us at the Smoky Mountain Gift Show in booth 1742!
Lions and Tigers List Image

Easy Tiger: A Collection of Tiger Gifts Perfect for Zoo Gift Shops

Looking to stock up on big cat related merchandise? Here are some of our favorite, tiger-related products!
The Stomp of Approval

Jurassic Earns the Dino Book Stomp of Approval!

We're extremely proud to have earned the Stomp of Approval from Dino Dad Reviews for our historical books Sue: Welcome to the World of Tyrannosaurus, Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey, and now Jurassic! Read about the reviews and Dino Dad Reviews in this blog!
T rex generations book cover

Watch the King of the Dinosaurs Grow in T. Rex Generations

Meet Cobalt and Sierra! We're excited to tell you the story of two prehistoric paragons as they raise children in a dangerous world.
Doodilized Animal Buttons

New Release: Doodilized Animal Buttons for Backpacks and Totes

Rextooth Studios is excited to announce our new backpack buttons! They are too cute to ignore. Check out our adorable ‘Doodilized’ backpack buttons right now!

Did You Know Dino? Hell Creek Coming November 21st!

Acclaimed paleocartoonist Andy Cruz (AKADinosaurcomics) takes readers on a journey to the Mesozoic like never before. Part field-guide, part comic book, this illustrated adventure is sure to delight dinosaur fans, young and old. Make the trek across time to find out if you know dino. 
MSA Tradeshow Booth

Rextooth Studios Is Excited to Announce Our 2022-2023 Trade Show Schedule!

Find Rextooth Studios on the road during the 2022-2023 trade show season!
Polar Bears Looking at an Aurora

Bears Fur-Ever: A Wildly Educational Graphic Novel of Three Bears Living a Modern World

Bears is a show-stopping educational graphic novel that tells the story of three bears living in the 21st century.
Lions and Tigers Face Off

A New Book About Tigers and Lions Charges onto Shelves Across America

Read a all about in information in and a short sample from Rextooth Studios' book 'Lions and Tigers,' a thrilling history of big cats in the world. 

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