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Mammoth is Mopey

Rextooth Studios Releases New Children's Book: Mammoth is Mopey

Rextooth Studios is proud to announce our newest release, the alphabet book 'Mammoth is Mopey.' You can buy a copy on our website right now!
Shark Species

Our Contribution to Shark Week 2022: A Natural History of Sharks

Rextooth has written an incredible graphic novel that details the 400 million year natural history of sharks. Pick up a copy to celebrate shark week 2022!
Rextooth Studios Illustrated Whale Book

Illustrated Whale Book Shows the History of Real Leviathans 

The vast expanse of earth's oceans contains wonders millions of years in the making. We invite you to learn more about one of our favorite oceanic marvels in the graphic novel Fifty Million Years of Whales. 

Latest Releases

Sauropods: the Largest Animals to Ever Walk the Earth

The Rextooth Mission

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The Earth is four and a half billion years old. Complex life developed five hundred and eighty million years ago. In that time our planet has been home to some truly amazing animals and has been the stage for incredible dramas and adventures. Rextooth Studios is a publisher telling stories about the awesome creatures that have called - and still do call - our planet home. The bottom line is Rextooth produces cool stories with a focus on science education. The mission statement is as simple as that. To learn more, please visit @rextoothstudios on Twitter and @rextooth_studios on Instagram.
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