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Natural History Book, “Howl” Prowls Onto Shelves Across America

November 16, 2022
Explore the wild world of wolves with Rextooth Studio’s newest natural history book, Howl. Author/ Illustrator Ted Rechlin has created a stunning, historical story about the complicated human-wolf history in North America. This is your opportunity to get to know one of North America’s most iconic apex predators in a way like never before.

A New Look at The Big Bad Wolf

Howl is an exciting science-based graphic novel that weaves masterful storytelling and historical facts to educate and engage readers of all ages. This beautifully illustrated graphic novel is a great way to introduce the fascinating lives of wolves to both children and adults.

Featuring real-life adventures such as the life of Lobo, an alpha wolf from New Mexico’s Old West, to the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park, we hope our captivating graphic novel will change your understanding of the North American wolf.

Rextooth Studios curated the most exciting true stories about wolves with amazing illustrations to bring family-friendly history to life. Check out some pages from the educational graphic novel, Howl, below.
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Meet the Author/Illustrator Ted Rechlin

Ted Rechlin is an award-winning illustrator and author that’s been bringing natural history to life with his incredible storytelling and illustrations on the Rextooth Studios team. He has dedicated his life to developing a unique style, voice and extensive research skills to create the incredible graphic novels we love.