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Head over to our product page! You can order them by scrolling down to the first menu option and clicking on the "books" graphic. Currently, we have a wide selection of books for kids like: dinosaur cartoons during the jurassic period, t rex cartoons, sue the t rex, and bear, shark, & whale cartoons. 

Yes, you can purchase products, prints, books, and more by clicking here. Visit the store section to see everything available and place your order now! Our products range from dinosaur t-shirts, dinosaur books for kids, bear children's books, and so much more!


We do. If you are a retailer and would like access to our wholesale site, please contact us for the registration application. 

You can find us @rextoothstudios on Twitter and @rextooth_studios on Instagram! You'll love our dinosaur cartoon posts, and will be able to keep up with the action of all your favorite jurassic period characters!

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