The Stomp of Approval

Jurassic Earns the Dino Book Stomp of Approval!

September 14, 2022
One of our favorite things as a publisher of wildlife and Dino books is seeing people across the world loving our educational graphic novels. Another one of our favorite things? Seeing the same people come back for more! We're extremely proud to have earned the Stomp of Approval from Dino Dad Reviews for our historical books Sue: Welcome to the World of Tyrannosaurus, Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey, and now Jurassic!

In his review, the Dino Dad covers everything from Jurrasic's plot to its art. To quote his review, 'how can you beat the Golden Age of dinosaurs?'

The Rextooth Studios team probably had as much fun writing and illustrating Jurassic as it seems Dino Dad had reading our work—so we couldn't agree more!

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It feels terrific knowing we've had a lasting impact on our audience. As a publisher of educational graphic novels, that’s always our #1 goal.

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About Dino Dad Reviews

Dino Dad Reviews is helmed by the Dino Dad himself. His self-proclaimed mission is to review and critique as many dinosaur books as he can get his hands on! From what we can tell, he doesn't pull any punches, either. For those reasons, we're honored that our educational graphic novels have read favorably to him not once but three times. Learn more about Dino Dad Reviews here or shop Rextooth here!