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Our Contribution to Shark Week 2022: A Natural History of Sharks

June 20, 2022
Shark week is coming; we can sense it from a quarter-mile away! 

Rextooth Studios is happy to announce our contribution to Shark Week, one of our favorite broadcast events. Our team has created a graphic novel that educates readers on the natural history of sharks. 

Sharks, like alligators, are a constant in the earth's aquatic ecosystems. These prehistoric predators have been swimming in the sea for nearly 400 million years—way before the dinosaurs.

To Rextooth Studios, sharks are one of the most remarkable animals around.

Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey

This graphic novel and children's book walks readers through the incredible natural history of sharks. That includes their evolution through the millennia, how they survived around the mega-predators that surrounded them in the age of the dinosaurs, all the way up to their current incarnation—from great whites to whale sharks. 

You can find 'Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey' in resorts, zoos, national parks, museums, zoos, and bookstores across the US or on our website. We also offer buttons, puzzles, tees and other shark-related merchandise to meet any of your other shark related needs!

Interested in becoming a wholesaler in time for Shark Week? Read our 'Registering Your Wholesale Business' news article to learn how! 

You can read an excerpt from 'Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey' Below.

Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey Pg. 1
Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey Pg. 2
Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey Pg. 3

About the Author/Illustrator

Ted Rechlin
Ted Rechlin
Ted Rechlin
is the award-winning author and illustrator behind the wildlife and Dino books from Rextooth Studios. He's spent his life developing his style, voice, and research skills to create the gorgeous graphic novels he writes. Rextooth Studios is happy to have him. 

So, if your child loves sharks, science, or the ocean, we're sure they'll love 'Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey.' Be sure to pick up a copy in honor of Shark Week 2022 or to teach your children all about the natural history of sharks!