Registering Your Wholesale Business With Rextooth Studios

March 24, 2022
Rextooth Studios regularly works with buyers from museums, zoos, national parks, resorts, bookstores, and retailers across the US to place our products on their shelves. Wholesale distribution is a large part of our business and we love working with our business partners.

Part of that means making our wholesaler application process easy! We love working with your large or small business as a wholesale supplier. If you’re looking to partner with us for wholesale pricing on our wildlife and dinosaur graphic novels, puzzles, apparel, posters, pins, etc. this guide is for you!

The Wholesale Pricing Registration Process

First, fill out our contact form. When you're filling out the form, do the following:
  • Write 'buying wholesale,' 'applying for wholesale pricing' or something similar in the purpose for contact field
  • Tell us a little about you, your business, and why you think our educational books and other merchandise would be a good fit on your business's shelves
After you've reached out, the Rextooth Studios team will be in touch with you—usually within the next business day or two so that we may help you and your team set up a wholesale account on the Rextooth Studios b2b marketplace.

Now, you can log in through our wholesaler portal, and start shopping our family-friendly collection! Our products are a hit with people of all ages and are sure to fit perfectly into your collection.

We're always excited to meet a new long-term wholesale partner—whether you're buying for a larger business or if you're a small business owner—so please don't hesitate to apply!