Polar Bear


PRICE  $19.95ISBN  978-1-59152-186-0
Bears, the largest land predators living today, are often misunderstood. These large animals can be found all over the world–from the arctic tundra to tropical jungles. There are only eight known species of bears, and each has amazing adaptations for whatever environment they prefer. This tale is about the three bears found in North America—the protective Grizzly, a curious Black bear, and the powerful Polar Bear. This educational novel is a great introduction to these amazing mammals for young children and adults alike. Follow a mama Grizzly as she tries to protect her babies in the mountains, a young black bear on the run in the suburbs, and a polar bear trying to defend his rapidly changing world. 

These bears live in some of the most remote places on Earth, so get to know them from the comfort of our beautifully illustrated educational graphic novel. This modern telling of these animal’s stories and what it takes to survive in a human-dominated world are sure to show you a side of them you’ve never considered before. 

Are you a fan of bears and curious about their adventures? Check out this beautiful educational graphic novel by Ted Rechlin!

Author/Illustrator Ted Rechlin

ISBN: 978-1-59152-186-0

Hardcover Graphic Novel

96 Pages
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