Fifty Million Years of Whales art

Fifty Million Years of Whales

PRICE  $19.95ISBN  978-1-59152-273-7
Join the Rextooth Studios team on an exploration of the evolution of the mighty whale from its land origins to the wonders of today. 
We will break down the history of the largest marine mammals in beautifully illustrated adventure through natural history. This illustrated whale book is a great way to introduce educational materials to a broad audience of all ages in an accessible and fun way.  

Many people will go their entire life without seeing a whale, but now you can get up close and personal with this fascinating graphic novel that brings natural history to life. Perfect for any ocean or natural history lover.

We hope that, as you read this graphic novel, you'll begin to understand why whales might have very well inspired the legendary stories of leviathans of the deep.

Join award-winning author/illustrator Ted Rechlin (Jurassic, End of the Ice Age) on an unforgettable deep dive into the mysterious world and history of whales. 

ISBN: 978-1-59152-273-7
Author/Illustrator: Ted Rechlin

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