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Watch the King of the Dinosaurs Grow in T. Rex Generations

September 5, 2022
66 Million Years ago, dinosaurs stalked the land—preparing to battle for food and family while brushing through foliage wet with dew. Each life complex and bursting with multi-faceted motivations.

T. Rex Generations is an educational graphic novel that explores the private life of history's most dangerous dinosaur—the T. Rex—as they raise their children in a dangerous world.

Meet Cobalt and Sierra—Proud Parents of Four

T. Rex Generations is an epic retelling of Cobalt and Sierra's daily struggles—a coming-of-age story like no other. Prehistoric power couple Cobalt and Sierra star as the parents of four bright-eyed T. Rex chicks during the sunset years of the Cretaceous period.

We invite you read a sample from T. Rex Generations below. The Rextooth Studios team is confident that you'll find this dinosaur graphic novel both entertaining and enlightening.
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About the Author/Illustrator

T. Rex Generations was written and Illustrated by Ted Rechlin, the award-winning author and illustrator behind nearly all of Rextooth Studio's educational graphic novels. Rechlin has dedicated his professional life to creating the most engaging, historically accurate, and educational wildlife/dinosaur- based graphic novels.

We're happy to have Ted Rechlin writing and illustrating for us, and we're excited for everyone to read his phenomenal work. You can find Rextooth Studio's historical graphic novels, backpack buttons, tee shirts, puzzles, pins, stickers, and other merchandise are featured in zoos, resorts, museums, national parks, bookstores and aquariums across the US—as well as our online store.