Polar Bears Looking at an Aurora

Bears Fur-Ever: A Wildly Educational Graphic Novel of Three Bears Living a Modern World

July 20, 2022
Bears, the largest land predators living today, are often misunderstood. These large animals can be found all over the world–from the arctic tundra to tropical jungles. There are only eight known species of bears, and each has amazing adaptations for whatever environment they prefer.

These huge animals can live in some of the most remote areas on our planet—making them difficult to observe. Rextooth Studios wants to take you on an educational adventure with the three bears found in the Americas. This is not an educational graphic novel you want to miss!

Bears: The Educational Graphic Novel

In our educational graphic novel, Bears, we follow the lives of three bears: a polar bear, a black bear, and a grizzly. This illustrated educational graphic novel is a great way to introduce the interesting lives of bears to both young children and adults.

Rextooth Studios creates engaging stories for each of these bears detailing their unique gambits for survival in our modern world. We hope that the engaging stories in Bears can give you a new perspective and understanding of these awesome animals. You can read a couple of pages from our illustrated educational graphic novel, Bears, below.
Bears Pg 1
Bears Pg 2
Bears Pg 3
Bears Pg 4
Bears Pg 5

About the Author/Illustrator

Ted Rechlin is the award-winning illustrator and author behind the wildlife and dino books from Rextooth Studios. He has dedicated his life to developing his style, voice, and research skills to create the incredible graphic novels we love. Rextooth Studios is proud to have him.

If you or someone you know loves science, bears, or animals in general, we’re sure they’ll love this educational graphic novel, Bears. Be sure to grab a copy before any camping trips this summer!