Smilodon Tee Shirt

Rextooth Studios Creates Animal Tee Shirts Based on Graphic Novels

July 4, 2022
From the dinosaur age to our modern world, there are so many amazing prehistoric and familiar creatures to learn about. Rextooth Studios documents and educates anyone wanting to learn about the animals that have shared our planet throughout history.

Consequently, our graphic novel collection spans millions of years and millions of different lives preserving the creatures and landscapes of the past.

We’re excited to say that many of the characters from our graphic novels are also immortalized on our tee shirts!

Introducing Rextooth’s Animal Inspired Tee Shirts

The Rextooth Studio’s team came together to pick some of our favorite illustrations from books such as End of The Ice Age, 50 Million Years of Whales, and Bears to feature on our tee shirts. Now sabertooth tigers, whales, bears and dinosaurs can leap off the pages and into your daily life.

Our animal tee shirts with custom illustrations are too cool to miss! Check out some of our amazing designs below.

Allosaurus Tee Shirt
Black Bear Tee Shirt
Sauropod Tee Shirt
T. Rex Tee Shirt
Wolf Tee Shirt
Gigantopithecus Tee Shirt

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Rextooth Studios goes beyond incredible animal tee shirts and illustrations. We also offer books, puzzles, stickers, pins and other science-inspired merchandise stocked in zoos, museums, retail stores, resorts and national parks across the US.

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