Big Cats Animal Puzzle

Why Animal Puzzles are so Good at Helping Kids Learn

April 5, 2022
Any parent or caregiver who has ever attempted to sit down and assemble a puzzle with a young child knows that it can be, well, challenging.

Still, according to experts, puzzles can actually be great for kids. They can help develop spatial understanding, memory, and concentration. Puzzles also encourage problem-solving.

If you can find a puzzle your child thinks is pretty, you can have tons of fun creating lasting memories with them! Try looking for animal puzzles or illustrations from graphic novels you both enjoy.

Puzzles Help Develop Spatial Understanding

Puzzles require kids to learn words like "above," "below," and "beside" to describe their puzzling strategies—pun intended. Regularly using spatial descriptive words like this will help kids think critically about their environment.

Puzzles Improve Memory & Concentration

The mind is a muscle, and working on an animal puzzle is good exercise! Puzzles encourage good habits and thought patterns in your children. So, get your children a beautiful animal puzzle and start developing!

Puzzles Encourage Problem Solving

Puzzles require many different ways of thinking. You'll have to help your child alternate between seeing the big picture, zooming in on small details, and developing strategies for both. Better yet? Problem-solving with your kid makes the best memories.

So next time your kiddo is feeling restless, break out the animal puzzles and watch their little minds go to work. We recommend some of our gorgeous animal puzzles, but any puzzle will do the trick!