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Rextooth and Marvelocity

Celebrate Marvel's Alex Ross on Jan 27 With Rextooth Studios at the MOR

Learn how to register for the opening of Marvelocity: The Art of Alex Ross and the meet and greet with Ted Rechlin—Rextooth Studio’s award-winning natural history graphic novelist!
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MSA Tradeshow Booth

Rextooth Studios Is Excited to Announce Our 2022-2023 Trade Show Schedule!

Find Rextooth Studios on the road during the 2022-2023 trade show season!
Polar Bears Looking at an Aurora

Bears Fur-Ever: A Wildly Educational Graphic Novel of Three Bears Living a Modern World

Bears is a show-stopping educational graphic novel that tells the story of three bears living in the 21st century.
Lions and Tigers Face Off

A New Book About Tigers and Lions Charges onto Shelves Across America

Read a all about in information in and a short sample from Rextooth Studios' book 'Lions and Tigers,' a thrilling history of big cats in the world. 
Smilodon Tee Shirt

Rextooth Studios Creates Animal Tee Shirts Based on Graphic Novels

Rextooth Studios sells tee shirts inspired by our award winning graphic novels. Learn more by reading this news article!
Mammoth is Mopey

Rextooth Studios Releases New Children's Book: Mammoth is Mopey

Rextooth Studios is proud to announce our newest release, the alphabet book 'Mammoth is Mopey.' You can buy a copy on our website right now!
Shark Species

Our Contribution to Shark Week 2022: A Natural History of Sharks

Rextooth has written an incredible graphic novel that details the 400 million year natural history of sharks. Pick up a copy to celebrate shark week 2022!
Rextooth Studios Illustrated Whale Book

Illustrated Whale Book Shows the History of Real Leviathans 

The vast expanse of earth's oceans contains wonders millions of years in the making. We invite you to learn more about one of our favorite oceanic marvels in the graphic novel Fifty Million Years of Whales. 
Prehistoric Sticker Set

Rextooth Offers Stickers Based on Ice Age Books

This sticker book filled with prehistoric animals is probably one of the cutest things our amazing team of illustrators has ever created. Read all about our prehistoric sticker set, and the other stickers we offer, in this news article!
MSA Tradefair Booth

Rextooth Studios Exhibits at the Museum Store Association Trade Show

The Rextooth Studios team will be exhibiting in booth #545 at the Museum Store Association and American Alliance of Museums Convention Trade Show in Boston, MA, from May 19th-21st.

We're excited to speak with you!
Gathering West trade show booth

Find Rextooth Studios at the Gathering West Trade Show!

Rextooth Studios will be at the Gathering West trade show from April 27th-29th.

Find us in booth 200!
Historical Dino Books

The Best Historical Dinosaur Books for Kids

The Rextooth Studios team has been writing award-winning historical dinosaur books for years now. We're excited to present our two favorites—Sauropods: The Largest Animals to Ever Walk the Earth and T. Rex Generations.

We want to hear from you!

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