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Register for Wholesale Pricing With Rextooth Studios

March 24, 2023
Rextooth Studios regularly works with buyers from museums, zoos, national parks, resorts, bookstores, and retailers across the US to place our products on their shelves. We love exhibiting at trade shows and meeting and networking with so many incredible people from all kinds of retail businesses from all over. In fact, we want to make wholesale shopping as accessible as possible to encourage growth with our partners around the world.

If you're a buyer looking to sign up for wholesale pricing on our educational graphic novels, puzzles buttons, shirts, prints, etc. we've done our best to make sure that the process is as simple as possible. Our sign up guide below will help you navigate the process.

Registering as a Wholesaler

First, fill out our contact form. When you're filling out the form, do the following:

  • Write 'wholesale buyer application,' 'applying for wholesale pricing' or something similar under purpose for contact
  • Tell us a little about your business and what drives your interest in our wildlife and natural history products

Once our wholesale team has received your application, we'll be in touch! If our companies are a good fit, we'll register you as a wholesale vendor in our system.

Logging Into Your Wholesaler Account

Once your account is set up in our system, you'll receive a username and password. That means you're ready to start receiving discounts!

To log in:

  • Navigate to the 'Wholesale' page in the top navigation
  • Log in with the credentials we created together

That's it, two steps and you're ready to go! All pricing in our online store will automatically update to
reflect our most recent wholesale prices.

We're always excited to meet a new long-term wholesale partner. Whether you're a buyer for a larger business or if you're a small business owner please don't hesitate to apply!