Paleo Pixel: The Cutest Dinosaur Sticker Books In History

January 18, 2023
The Cretaceous period's 70 million-year span saw massive steps forward in evolution, the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the rise of prehistoric mammals. Pods of nautilus swam through the water, triceratops roamed the landscape, and herds of parasaurolophus waded through the rivers.

Precious little remains to tell us what life was like 70 million years ago. Still, archeologists and scientists have worked tirelessly to uncover a wealth of information about Earth's history. In many ways, they've enthralled the world with the stories a fossil can tell.

Now, Rextooth Studios is proud to present Paleo Pixel—an ode to years gone!

Paleo Pixel: Rextooth Studio's Cretaceous Inspired Sticker Packs

Rextooth Studio's Krystal Gonzalez has created pixelated versions of ancient animals for their new sticker book, Paleo Pixel. These family-friendly stickers are great for anyone wanting to carry a cute piece of the past on their laptop, water bottle, or notebook.

Check out Krystal Gonzalez' adorable Paleo Pixel sticker designs below!
Rextooth Studio's Paleo Pixel Sticker Set

Buy Individual Stickers and Support a Worthy Cause

Rextooth Studios is invested in our world's natural history, literally. We've created two new animal- inspired stickers to help our customers spread the message of conservation.

Save the Sea Turtles Sticker

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