Lions and Tigers Face Off

A New Book About Tigers and Lions Charges onto Shelves Across America

July 12, 2022
The Feline family has been fascinating to humans since our history began–from lion king to tiger king you can find them across popular culture. Still, popular culture’s understanding of big cats is incredibly limiting. Lions and tigers are so much more complex than their fluffy tails and prickly reputations.

From the pet tigers of ancient royalty to the house cat you may have at home—cats have had a lasting impact on us. The Rextooth Studios team brought our unique perspectives to these beloved apex predators in a new thrilling graphic novel, Lions and Tigers.
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Lions and Tigers

Embark with Rextooth Studios on an exploration into the mysterious lives of some of our favorite big cats– lions and tigers. Authored and illustrated by the award-winning author Ted Rechlin, don’t miss this lion and tiger book.

In our new book, Lions and Tigers, we take a peek into the day-to-day lives of these majestic big cats. This beautifully illustrated book takes you from swaying grasslands to dense jungles on an in-depth, educational journey.

Lions and Tigers not only features the daily lives of lions and tigers, but takes a look at how these apex predators are adjusting to humans expanding further into wild places. While you read this graphic novel we hope you gain a new perspective on these big cats and their place in our ecosystems.

Read a couple of pages from our expressively illustrated lion and tigers book below. 

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Rextooth Studios creates exhilarating journeys and landscapes of the past and present—like in this illustrated lions and tigers book—that educate readers about science and natural history.

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