Historical Dino Books

The Best Historical Dinosaur Books for Kids

April 19, 2022
In our opinion, dinosaur books are the perfect way to introduce your children to natural history. They'll be entertained by stories and pictures while learning about the history of our planet.

Dinosaur books are a great way to start educating your child early on!

Why Should You Trust Our Children's Book Recommendations?

We've been writing and illustrating gorgeous, educational graphic novels about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals for years now. Our books, puzzles, pins, t-shirts, and other merchandise are stocked in retail stores, zoos, resorts, museums, and national parks across the US.

You could even say we're experts at finding books about wildlife and dinosaurs that introduce your kids to the history of our incredible planet!

Now, without further ado, here are our two favorite dinosaur books for kids:

1. Sauropods: The Largest Animals to Ever Walk the Earth

In this Dino book, award-winning author and illustrator Ted Rechlin and Dr. Cary Woodruff dig into the history of sauropods—dinosaurs that could grow up to 120 feet long and weigh more than 70 tons.

This historical dinosaur book is perfect for kids who love the herds of Brachiosaurs from Jurassic Park. You can read a short excerpt of Sauropods: The Largest Animals to Ever Walk the Earth below and a longer excerpt on our website here.

The Beginning of Sauropods

2. T. Rex Generations

Does your child like more action in their historical books? We recommend T. Rex Generations, a coming-of-age story about some of the Cretaceous's most fearsome dinosaurs.

You and your child can read an exciting—and surprisingly touching—excerpt of T. Rex Generations on our website. Don't want to click away? You can read an abbreviated version below! We couldn't recommend this historical Dino book enough.

The Beginning of T. Rex Generations