The Boss

4 Animal Art Prints Perfect for Your Home

March 15, 2023
Rextooth Studio's historic graphic novels bring the magnificent animals from today and yesterday to life on their pages. But did you know your favorite character from our graphic novels can come to life on your walls as animal art prints as well?

Below you'll find our favorite prints of the prehistoric creatures we write so much about. Each image comes as an 11"x14" matted or as an 8.5"x11" framed gel print, each with an educational fact sheet. These prints are perfect for the walls in any home, office or classroom.

Pump Up Your Decor With The Boss

'The Boss' is an art print featuring one of Canada’s most famous grizzlies. 'The Boss' would make an excellent dorm room decoration. You can learn about 'The Boss' on our product page for Bears.
The Boss Animal Art Print

Swim With The Leatherback and Jellies

'Leatherback and Jellies' is a captivating piece of art that we love for its dreamlike design.
Leatherback & Jellies Animal Art Print

Explore the Wilderness With Elk

Our 'Elk' art print is an ode to thermoses of hot coffee on snowy winter hikes. The 'Elk' is a calming piece of art that we believe anyone would be proud to hang in their home.
Elk Animal Art Print

Revisit the Ice Age With the Mammoth

The woolly mammoth is an animal synonymous with the Ice Age. It features prominently in art ranging from cave paintings to feature films to educational graphic novels.

Rextooth Studio's 'Mammoth' animal art print pays homage to that history. If you want to learn more about the woolly mammoth we recommend reading the included fact sheet or checking out our historical graphic novel End of the Ice Age.
Mammoth Animal Art Print