Field Expedition Cover

New Historical Graphic Novel: Field Expedition, a Journey To The Past With Rextooth Studios

January 11, 2023
Rextooth Studios is proud to announce our newest historical graphic novel, Field Expedition, at the dawning of the new year.

In Field Expedition, our readers can immerse themselves in a world populated by history’s most prominent prehistoric animals. Their stories, and much more, awaits on the epic journey author and illustrator Ted Rechlin has crafted for Field Expedition’s readers.

Meet The Stars of Field Expedition

The Rextooth Studios team created Field expedition in partnership with The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. The Field Museum’s team has helped us create our most in-depth, stunning historical graphic novel yet.

Readers of the Field Expedition historical graphic novel will meet Maximo, a 70-ton sauropod, the Tsavo Lions, and—of course—Sue the T. Rex. (No dino natural history graphic novel would be complete without the most famous thunder lizard in history!)

Find a preview of Field Expedition below or buy yourself a copy through our online store. 
Field Expedition Example Page 1
Field Expedition Example Page 2
Field Expedition Example Page 3
Field Expedition Example Page 4

The History of Our Partnership With The Field Museum

The Field Museum is a Mecca of history, knowledge, and passion for archeology. The Rextooth Studios team is incredibly grateful that we’ve been able to work with The Field Museum to craft several graphic novels and animated shorts, in addition to Field Expedition.

Our partnership with the Field Museum has helped us create the most informed, engaging content historical graphic novels we can. If you’re in Chicago, IL the Rextooth Studios team recommends a visit. To see the other graphic novels we’ve written with their team, visit our store page!