Did You Know Dino? Hell Creek Coming September 27th!

August 26, 2022

Imagine going back in time, 66 million years, to the late Cretaceous Period of North America. You find yourself in a semi-tropical expanse, a land of forests and floodplains on the coast on an inland sea. 

The grunts, growls, and rumbles of dinosaurs fill your ears. Massive herbivores like EdmontosaurusTriceratops, and Ankylosaurus roam the primeval landscape - and where there are herbivores, there are carnivores. This last kingdom of the dinosaurs is ruled over by the mightiest predator of all, Tyrannosaurus rex

Acclaimed paleocartoonist Andy Cruz (AKADinosaurcomics) takes readers on a journey to the Mesozoic like never before. Part field-guide, part comic book, this illustrated adventure is sure to delight dinosaur fans, young and old. Make the trek across time to find out if you know dino.