Mammoth is Mopey

Rextooth Studios Releases New Children's Book: Mammoth is Mopey

June 30, 2022
When it comes to early childhood learning, there's nothing quite like fun and imagination in a children's book to help the process along. According to PBS, ’Knowledge feeds the imagination, which spurs us on to seek new knowledge. Ultimately, this is the cycle of discovery and learning that we strive for in education.’ (

Practicing imagination skills is also linked to more effective problem-solving skills.

With these facts in mind, Rextooth Studios is proud to announce Mammoth is Mopey—an imagination- filled, educational children's book!

About Our New Children's Book—Mammoth is Mopey

Mammoth is Mopey is an alphabet book that stars a diverse cast of 26 charming prehistoric creatures. Children will meet everything from the artistic Ankylosaurus to the zany Zygosaurus. Every animal in this book teaches children a new letter and imagination stoking facts about the natural history of each prehistoric powerhouse.

Children will likely recognize several animals David and Jennie selected for this children's book. However, Mammoth is Mopey includes many obscure prehistoric animals as well. We're sure that any child who reads this children's book will walk away with a new favorite prehistoric creature.

You can read an excerpt from Mammoth is Mopey below! 
Ankylosaurus is Artistic
Kelenken is Kooky
Spinosaurus is Smiling

About David and Jennie Orr

David and Jennie Orr first published the children's book Mammoth is Mopey in 2016 following their successful IndieGoGo campaign. David and Jennie have now agreed to work with Rextooth Studios to distribute Mammoth is Mopey to Rextooth's wholesale buyers.

We couldn't be more excited to make Mammoth is Mopey more available to our customers.