Rextooth Studios Illustrated Whale Book

Illustrated Whale Book Shows the History of Real Leviathans 

June 14, 2022
The ocean is an enigma. Bright, white sandy beaches and rocky shores hide the unexplored depths of the deep water oceans. In many ways, the sea is an alien planet that holds many mysteries. 

As long as the world has had explorers voyaging across oceans, there have been legends about the world's most fascinating creatures of the deep—the Kraken, sea serpents, and the great leviathan. Each animal that's captivated the human imagination exists, and the Rextooth Studios team wants to tell you all about them.

Fifty Million Years of Whales

Join the Rextooth Studios team on an exploration of the evolution of the mighty whale from its land origins to the wonders of today.

In our graphic novel, Fifty Million Years of Whales, we break down the history of the largest marine mammals. This illustrated whale book is a great way to introduce educational materials to a broad audience in an accessible way.  

We hope that, as you read this graphic novel, you'll begin to understand why whales might have very well inspired the legendary leviathan. You can read a couple pages from the illustrated whale book, Fifty Million Years of Whales, below. 
Fifty Million Years of Whales Pg 1
Fifty Million Years of Whales Pg 2
Fifty Million Years of Whales Pg 3

About Rextooth Studios

Rextooth Studios creates compelling stories—like the story in this illustrated whale book—that educate our readers about science and natural history. Simple as that. 

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