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Dino Book Tells All About the Jurassic: Golden Age of the Dinosaurs

April 12, 2022
Is your kiddo crazy about dinosaurs? Jurassic from Rextooth Studios is a must-have. This Dino book is full of great information on all the different types of dinosaurs that roamed the world during the Jurassic period.

Plus, there are tons of fun dinosaur facts and illustrations to keep little ones engaged!

About Jurassic: Golden Age of the Dinosaurs

Our Dino book, Jurassic takes place 150 million years ago during a time of lush forests and sweeping plains.

Carnivores stalk the forest, and herbivores graze the treetops—their eyes and ears always watchful.

Our graphic novel Jurassic follows an adventurous young Brontosaurus as he wanders the world, faces danger, and grows into adulthood.

Rextooth Studios would like to welcome you to the Jurassic—a time full of action, wonder, and beauty. You can read an excerpt from Jurassic below.
Jurassic: Golden Age of the Dinosaurs

About the Author

Ted Rechlin is the award-winning author and illustrator behind the natural history, wildlife and Dino books from Rextooth Studios. The Rextooth Studios team regularly travels to conventions and museums to run workshops and show off their wildlife and Dino-inspired graphic novels, puzzles, t-shirts, stickers and more.

So, if your child loves dinosaurs like T. Rex, Brontosaurs, and more prehistoric creatures from ages past. Be sure to snag a copy of Jurassic, one of our award-winning Dino books. It's sure to be a favorite bedtime story for years to come!