September 7, 2021
Sauropods, the family of long-necked dinosaurs, stomped across the landscape millions of years ago. These famous titans, including Brachiosaurus, are some of the most beloved dinosaurs in the fossil record. However, much about them remains shrouded in mystery. How did they get so big? Were they hatched from giant eggs? How did these enormous animals live their lives? These questions, and many more are explored in Sauropods: The Largest Animals to Ever Walk the Earth (Rextooth Studios, September 8, 2021). The lush landscapes and breathtaking beasts found within the pages of this scientifically accurate graphic novel paint a thrilling picture of life in the Mesozoic.

Ted Rechlin (SUE: Welcome to the World of Tyrannosaurus rex) is well-known for his award-winning natural history graphic novels. Sauropods created an opportunity to explore the herbivorous side of the dino family tree. "The sheer size and magnitude of these animals made me want to explore their world on a deeper level." To best tell this story, Ted teamed up with Sauropod expert Dr. Cary Woodruff.

Dr. Woodruff is thrilled with the project saying, "I always wanted to do a book on sauropods, and a book with Rextooth Studios, so it was a perfect 'first chance'! I wanted to take the dinosaurs that I love most, and share their incredible evolutionary story with audiences far and wide. And Rextooth Studios was the perfect partner: the art is superb and fun, and the science is absolutely top tier. By working with such amazing science communicators, I get to share the science and my passion in a fun and engaging way that will captivate and entertain audiences of any age. We hope you love Sauropods as much as we do."

In this book, readers of all ages will discover:
  • The diversity and unique features of different Sauropods across the world.
  • How these dinosaurs rose from humble beginnings and evolved through deep time to become the titans
    we know today.
  • The surprising relationship between Sauropods and their meat-eating cousins.
  • How Sauropods leveraged the super-powers of modern birds to enable their almost incomprehensible
Ask for Sauropods: The Largest Animals to Ever Walk the Earth at your local book or museum store beginning September 7th, 2021!


Author, illustrator, and creative director of Rextooth Studios, Ted Rechlin loves to draw pictures and tell stories. While his drawing style has evolved, his stories haven’t really changed. They’re still about science, nature, and lots (and lots) of dinosaurs.

Ted got his professional start drawing for DC Comics at age 19. He has been working as a freelance author/illustrator for 15 years and has contributed his work to many museums, zoos, and publishing companies, including DC Comics, Skyhorse Publishing, and Dover Publications.

Ted has a lifelong love of animals, nature, dinosaurs, and all things prehistoric. He founded Rextooth Studios so he could share his passion for natural history and science education. He currently lives in Montana with his wife, daughter, and their rescue pup. To learn more about Ted, find him on twitter @tedrechlin.

Cary Woodruff grew up in the farm country of Virginia, and received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Earth Sciences at Montana State University under Dr. Jack Horner and his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto working with Dr. David Evans. Cary has published several scientific papers and children’s books.

His research interests range from burrowing dinosaurs, stegosaurs, taphonomy, pachycephalosaurs, fossil diseases and illnesses, soft-tissue preservation, and ancient human cultural interaction with fossils. However, the majority of Cary’s work and area of specialization is the study of Sauropod dinosaurs. From understanding their growth, to the anatomy and physics of these titans, to even
naming a new species, Cary’s work is helping to better understand the life histories and evolutionary strategies of what in unquestionably and factually (according to himself), the best group of dinosaurs. Ever. Find Cary on twitter @DoubleBeam.


The earth is four and half billion years old. Complex life developed five hundred and eighty million years ago. In that time, our planet has been home to some truly amazing animals and has been the stage for incredible dramas and adventures. Rextooth Studios is a publisher telling stories about the awesome creatures that have called, and still do call, our planet home. The bottom line is Rextooth produces cool stories with a focus on science education. To learn more, please visit rextooth.com@rextoothstudios on twitter, and @rextooth_studios on Instagram.