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April 15, 2021

About This Book

It’s safe to say that Tyrannosaurus rex is among the world’s most beloved dinosaur species, and no specimen on the planet embodies all that T. rex was like SUE. The famous fossil, and long-time resident of the Field Museum, is a testament to the grit and strength it took to survive during the Late Cretaceous period. In his newest graphic novel, award-winning artist, author, and illustrator Ted Rechlin (T. rex Generations, Howl, End of the Ice Age) enters a 67 million year old landscape lush with delicate ferns and fierce competition. SUE: Welcome to the World of Tyrannosaurus Rex (Rextooth Studios, November 26, 2019) uses SUE’s bones to reveal an exciting, science-based chronicle of their epic life.

“For a moment I was honored that Ted created this graphic novel. Then I remembered this book is about me: the most complete, most pristine fossil T. rex ever discovered. So really, the pleasure is all Ted’s. I’ll spare him in the coming theropod uprising.” - SUE the T. rex
Nowadays, surviving until the age of thirty seems like a breeze, but during the Late Cretaceous period, this was no easy feat. SUE lived a long and incredible life in what is now South Dakota, and the adventures, trials, and tribulations endured and overcome by Chicago’s favorite fossil have been engraved on their bones for the world to read.

Ted Rechlin is understandably thrilled to be telling their story. “I have been wanting to do this book, in some form or another, for years. I’ve done a few books about T. rex before, but I’ve always wanted to tell the story of the T. rex. There is just something special about SUE. The story told by the bones makes SUE so compelling and one of the most important dinosaur discoveries to date. The opportunity to work with the Field Museum—have their input on the science and their support for my brand of science education has been a truly incredible experience.” He employs the most up-to-date knowledge—most of it courtesy of research done in or through the Field—to reveal the ancient secrets of SUE’s bones in scenes of triumph, loss, and tenderness that, together, compose a picture of an extraordinary dinosaur life. SUE survived broken bones, arthritis, infection, and misfortune to finally be laid to rest in a creek bed that served as the perfect preservation site for the large carnivore. SUE: Welcome to the World of Tyrannosaurus Rex takes you inside the Field Museum and back in time to the world of T. rex, where readers of all ages will learn:
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