March 29, 2024
In the long history of life on Earth, many incredible creatures have come and gone. And, like the beast that granted its title, Rextooth’s first book, Tyrannosaurus rex by Ted Rechlin has reached the end of the line. 

It is with mixed emotions that, to borrow a phrase, we’ve decided to put Tyrannosaurus rex into the Rextooth vault. We view our first foray into the world of scientifically accurate graphic novels with great pride, but it’s that first part - the scientific accuracy - that compels us to make this decision. 

We published Tyrannosaurus rex in 2016, and thanks to the endless discoveries made regarding the most well-studied dinosaur of all time, its become dated.

Tyrannosaurus rex will still be available through our online store through June 2024 - and on sale for just $9.95!

And have no fear, Cobalt, Sierra and the gang’s adventures are still chronicled in the pages of T. rex Generations! And, in addition to Generations, the number one celebrity of deep time can still be found in our other titles; SUE: Welcome to the World of Tyrannosaurus rex, Field Expedition, and Did You Know Dino? Hell Creek.

If you find yourself missing your favorite blue-eyed rex, worry not! Cobalt’s legacy will live on in future Rextooth works! 
More on that soon…

We’ll leave you with the very earliest, never-before-seen character sketches of Cobalt from Ted Rechlin, circa 2015, and Tyrannosaurus rex’s foreword, penned by the clawed hand of none other than SUE themself; with a sentiment we hope to maintain across all of our titles.

"The greatest frustration I can think of is the fact you humans will never get to see dinosaurs in their time and place.

Sure, the science is getting better all the time. You collect better data, find better sites, model new things.

But the fact remains: you will never, ever, truly "know." (If time machines have been invented as you read this..Please disregard.)

But here is where science gets a little help... Imagination.

Imagination is the thing that is triggered when a child lays eyes on me for the first time. It's that thing that keeps us fascinated by my kind for centuries. It's probably the reason you picked this book up.
"What could they have been like?"

Ted is part of a lineage of creators, such as Charles Knight and John Gurche, who seek to show you what we dinosaurs looked like in our lifetimes. They take in the new science, they apply their unique view of life through images, and help you see us in a new way.

I hope this book helps capture your imagination. I hope you all keep dreaming of a time before yours."

One of the largest and most complete T. rex specimens, a resident of the Field Museum