JURASSIC is a Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Silver Award Winner!

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Just announced! JURASSIC is a Foreword Reviews Book of the Year silver award winner! Congratulations to Ted Rechlin as well as the other finalists and winners!

TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan: June 15, 2018—Foreword Reviews, a book review journal focusing on independently published books, announced the winners of its INDIES Book of the Year Awards today. The awards recognize the best books published in 2017 from small, indie, and university presses, as well as self-published authors. You can view all of the winners at:


“Awarding the INDIES is an intense months long judging process and our editorial team and librarian/bookseller judges grow a bit emotional as the announcement date nears,” said Matt Sutherland, Foreword Reviews’ editor-in-chief. “Everyone involved finds it a great honor to recognize all these great books because so many of them have been overlooked by mainstream publications due to the low profile of their publishers and authors. While they don’t have major PR machine or corporate budgets, these indie publishers are passionate about what they do, take chances, and produce a wide range of thought-provoking books.”

Over 2,000 entries were submitted in 68 categories, with Foreword’s editors choosing the finalists, and a panel of over 150 librarians and booksellers acting as judges to pick the winners.

End of the ICE AGE is Available Now!


More than two million years ago the earth plunged into a deep freeze. Vast ice sheets formed in the north - sometimes two miles thick - and shaped life around the globe. 
But now, something is happening to the mountains of ice - the world is warming…
and life is beginning to change.

With stories unfolding in both Southern California and the frozen tundra that was the European continent, follow a family of Saber Cats as they hunt for their very survival. 
Experience the epic battles of Dire Wolves, Mammoths, Woolly Rhinoceroses, and Giant Sloths,all struggling for survival in the epoch of THE ICE AGE. 

ISBN: 978-1-59152-220-1

Hardcover Graphic Novel

96 Pages



You think it is hard growing up now? 
Step back 66 million years into the late CRETACEOUS,
during the reign of the king of the dinosaurs.
Tyrannosaurus rex has long inspired awe and wonder
across generations. The planet’s most legendary carnivores grow
to be over forty feet long and weigh nine tons. 
Their bite is more powerful than any terrestrial animal
that has ever lived. 
Follow Cobalt and Sierra, a mated tyrannosaurus pair as they raise their four hatchlings in what is now Hell Creek, Montana. 
Even in their prime, will their fearsome power and prowess
be enough to protect their offspring?
Join acclaimed artist TED RECHLIN ( Tyrannosaurus Rex, 
Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey, End of the Ice Age
 ) in a return
to his epic, science-based storytelling. Featuring Rechlin’s
action-packed full-panel spreads, T. Rex Generations is a
coming-of-age story like no other.

Coming Fall 2018