T. REX GENERATIONS is Available Now!


by Author/Illustrator Ted Rechlin



“Ted is part of a lineage of creators, such as Charles Knight and John Gurche, who seek to show you what we dinosaurs looked like in our lifetimes”-SUEtheTrex, Field Museum Chicago


Tyrannosaurus rex has long inspired awe and wonder across generations. The planet’s most legendary carnivores grew to be over forty feet long and weighed nine tons, and their bite was more powerful than any terrestrial animal that has ever lived.  Join acclaimed artist Ted Rechlin (Tyrannosaurus Rex, Bears, Jurassic, Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey, End of the Ice Age) in a return to his epic, science-based storytelling in T. rex Generations (Rextooth Studios, September 18, 2018). Featuring action-packed full-panel spreads, it is a coming-of-age story like no other, with a strong storyline and plenty of excitement. 

You think it is hard growing up now? Step back 66 million years into the late CRETACEOUS, during the reign of the king of the dinosaurs. Follow Cobalt and Sierra, a mated tyrannosaurus pair as they raise their four hatchlings in the wild and perilous lands of prehistoric Montana. Even in their prime, will their fearsome power and prowess be enough to protect their offspring? With an entirely new cast of dangerous dinos (such as the formidable Dakota Raptor and armored Ankylosaurus) T. rex Generations features the latest science to showcase an epic tale of heroic proportions. Entertaining and educational, readers of all ages will discover:

  • Animals, be they modern or prehistoric, are complex creatures and can care for their families

  • The T. rex lifespan is a fascinating evolution from tiny and defenseless to huge and awesome

  • Rarely portrayed in graphic novels, Dinosaurs are often seen as monsters when in reality they were motivated by the same things as modern animals are today

  • T. rex was likely a very intelligent animal who was capable of social behavior and problem solving like some modern birds 

  • Birds are dinosaurs! Modern birds and dinosaurs exhibit many common traits including hollow bones, feathers and egg-laying

“There isn’t an established genre for graphic novels about natural history and wildlife. And with science education my top priority, it was a natural to portray T. rex, the most well-studied dinosaur of all time,” says Rechlin. “Dinosaurs are complex animals who are far from the slow, stupid and tail-dragging lizards they were originally viewed as. Recent research suggests that T. rex was likely a very intelligent animal who was capable of social behavior and problem solving. I used this research as the basis for the family group of T. rex followed in my books.” 


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 Author, Illustrator & Creative Director of Rextooth Studios, Ted Rechlin loves to tell stories and draw pictures of wildlife and natural history. Ted got his professional start drawing for DC Comics at age 19. He has been working as a freelance author/illustrator for more than a decade and has contributed his work to many museums, zoos, and publishing companies including DC Comics, Skyhorse Publishing, and Dover Publications. 

Ted is the author/illustrator of six books including Jurassic, which won the silver medal for graphic novel of the year from Foreword Reviews and Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey. His next book is Howl: A New Look at the Big Bad Wolf scheduled to publish in January 2019.

To learn more about Ted and Rextooth Studios, please visit their website www.rextoothstudios.com and follow on Twitter and Facebook

T. rex Generations is available in hardcover at booksellers nationwide, Amazon and other online retailers.