TYRANNOSAURUS REX, by Ted Rechlin, is available now!

Meet Cobalt, 40-foot-long, 7-ton apex predator. Cobalt is the most famous dinosaur of all, Tyrannosaurus rex. He's trying to stake out a territory of his own-not an easy task, even for a T.rex! Based on all the latest science, Ted Rechlin's educational graphic novel takes readers back 66 million years to the late Cretaceous world, bringing the king of the dinosaurs to life like never before in a fun and exciting graphic novel format for dino-lovers of all ages. 

"Tyrannosaurus rex is the the most celebrated dinosaur of all time, and Ted Rechlin's new story is a glorious tribute to the carnivore. Lavish illustrations envision not only the 'tyrant king', but the late Cretaceous world, drawing from the latest science to bring the T.rex to life." 

- Brian Switek, Paleontologist & Author of My Beloved Brontosaurus

"Ted Rechlin's dinosaur art is like Ernest Hemingway's writing-direct, to-the-point, and tells a fantastic story. He transports his viewers to the Mesozoic with ease and believability!" 

- Shannon John Shea, Hollywood Creature-Maker, Producer & Author of I'm Rubber, You're Glue

"Ted Rechlin brings you the tyrant lizard like you have never seen before. His stunning artwork takes you to a lost world in beautiful detail." 

- Jan Freedman, Natural History Curator at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery & Co-Creator of the science blog, Twilight Beasts

"T.rex is the most famous dinosaur of all time. For this book, I wanted to show how it lived, not how it died," says Rechlin. "With dinosaurs, one of the first things people think about is how they became extinct. I wanted to show T.rex as a living, breathing animal. How it moved and how it behaved."

"I have always been a student of animal behavior. I have spent many hours watching wild animals, in places like Yellowstone, trying to understand how they think and why they do what they do. I used my understanding of living animal behavior to help bring the dinosaurs to life in my book."

TYRANNOSAURUS REX (ISBN: 978-1-59152-174-7, $16.95, Rextooth Studios, 2016) is available at local bookstores, gift shops and through online retailers.