Welcome to Rextooth Studios!

Welcome to Rextooth Studios! Rextooth is a publishing house that will be bringing you awesome stories about Dinosaurs!

...And Sharks and Bears and stuff! 

...And maybe some sic-fi and fantasy and other cool things! 

...And maybe zombies...?...

Who knows? The bottom line is Rextooth is going to be producing cool stories, both in print and on the web. The mission statement is as simple as that. 

Our first book, TYRANNOSAURUS REX, an educational graphic novel by Author/Illustrator Ted Rechlin, will be hitting stores in December! But you won't have to wait until then to get a look at it. An extended preview will be posted right here, on this website, very soon. Like, really, really soon. The whole team (all three of us) really hope you like it. 

We've got really big dreams for this company and we sincerely hope that you take the ride with us! 

- Ted Rechlin - Creative Director

T.rex Time!

T.rex Time!